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Where in The Cloud is My Data?

How data is stored using Cloud Storage

Once people understand the basics of cloud storage a common questions is “which part of the cloud has my data and how does it get to me?” There’s not necessarily one answer. A number of factors such as the size of your data and the technologies being used to manage  the logical storage pool the cloud is using may determine exactly where your data is stored. It’s possible your data is on a single storage device somewhere. It’s almost equally possible that your data is split up into multiple pieces across multiple storage devices around the world.

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The Cloud, What Exactly is it?

Does it Rain in The Cloud?

The cloud is a term that is being tossed around a lot these days. In fact the term, the cloud, has become so ubiquitous that it’s common to see it used in scenarios where it may not apply. Many people use the term “the cloud” with very little knowledge of what it actually means. Most information technology specialist are so accustomed to hearing technology terms misused that they forget there may be widespread misconceptions regarding the term.

662px-Cloud_computing.svg, the cloud

Before anything else, clarifications are required regarding the term “the cloud”. The cloud could refer to any number of technologies categorized under the umbrella of cloud computing. Cloud computing is pretty much any computing process that occurs in the cloud. There are a lot of different uses of cloud computing but the vast majority of people are referring to cloud storage when using the term “the cloud”. Storage is where all your data is saved, cloud storage is when your data is saved in the cloud. The term cloud storage is related to clouds in the sky. A cloud in the sky is made of millions of water droplets grouped together, but is seen as one cloud. Cloud storage is a group of storage devices connected to one another, using the internet or other network, which are treated as a single storage pool. That explanation may leave some scratching their heads so it’s best to cover some related concepts as well.

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