Dan, AKA SofaBear, is your run of the mill IT Specialist. Starting in 2008 Dan jumped into a career in IT and like any good systems administrator has been spouting sarcasm and puns ever since. Dan’s credentials include over 5 years in IT Systems and Support and certifications from Microsoft, Axelos, and CompTIA¬†. He has a particular interest in Video Games, Science, Technology, and Cooking. Dan is also a self described autodidact constantly reading and researching all manner of random knowledge and trivia. Dan’s habit of rambling off random bits of knowledge in everyday conversation quickly led to the office nickname of Danopedia. It was really only a matter of time until he put his ramblings into written form to share with the fine denizens of the web. So please enjoy browsing Dan’s collection of geeky rantings and feel free to present your own questions and comments.