The Change MMOs Needed?

The massively multiplayer online (MMO) game “Star Wars: The Old Republic” released the new expansion “Knights of the Fallen Empire” on Tuesday, Oct. 27th­. The expansion included a substantial, and mandatory, update for all players regardless of which expansions they have installed. The long list of small and large changes are being marketed as a “…return to our BioWare storytelling roots,” by BioWare Senior Producer Bruce Maclean. Much of the core elements of gameplay have been modified including how characters level up and progress through the game. These changes look to be made in hopes of attracting new players. Some players are already praising the modifications as a breathe of fresh air while others criticize them, claiming BioWare are destroying much of why players choose MMOs over single player games. The MMO landscape has changed drastically in recently years, a refreshing take on the traditional MMO may be welcome. However are the changes presented by BioWare what the genre needs or are they just alienating a dedicated audience.

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