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The literary giant Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was once quoted as saying “Everything has been thought of before, but the problem is to think of it again.”0 It is certain the 18th century writer had no idea just how true this idea would hold to the 21st century film industry; or for that fact what a motion picture is. The North American film industry generated a whopping $10.36 billion (USD)1 in box office sales in 2014. With such a large revenue stream it’s no wonder that film studios are looking to the past to determine which films will bring them the largest chunk of those sales. One of the most popular choices in the early 21st century has been adapting comic books into hugely successful big budget movies. There’s also an enormous number of existing comic books to choose as source material. However even with the immense number of comic books to choose from why is it that film studios choose to focus only on a handful of comic book series?

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