Stranger Things – Spoiler Free Review

Strange Yesterday, Not So Strange Today

stranger things teaser posterStranger Things is possibly the perfect title for Netflix’s popular series. It so accurately describes Netflix and the Duffer Brothers’ eight episode homage to the best of 1980’s science fiction. There are indeed stranger things than what they have presented. The recent trend has been to take stories and characters strait out of the 1970’s and 80’s and produce them into multi-million dollar blockbusters. Stranger Things approaches this idea a little differently. Most productions are focused on using the characters or stories from over 30 years ago, and moving them to a more modern setting. Stranger Things has gone the opposite direction and taken a more modern story and moved it to a 30 year old setting. Stranger Things has received praise from critics and fans for its dedicated 1980’s style and possessing a story that is deeper than it appears. Is Stranger Things a true blockbuster for the ages or is it simply another way to capitalize on 1980’s nostalgia?

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Where in The Cloud is My Data?

How data is stored using Cloud Storage

Once people understand the basics of cloud storage a common questions is “which part of the cloud has my data and how does it get to me?” There’s not necessarily one answer. A number of factors such as the size of your data and the technologies being used to manage  the logical storage pool the cloud is using may determine exactly where your data is stored. It’s possible your data is on a single storage device somewhere. It’s almost equally possible that your data is split up into multiple pieces across multiple storage devices around the world.

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The Cloud, What Exactly is it?

Does it Rain in The Cloud?

The cloud is a term that is being tossed around a lot these days. In fact the term, the cloud, has become so ubiquitous that it’s common to see it used in scenarios where it may not apply. Many people use the term “the cloud” with very little knowledge of what it actually means. Most information technology specialist are so accustomed to hearing technology terms misused that they forget there may be widespread misconceptions regarding the term.

662px-Cloud_computing.svg, the cloud

Before anything else, clarifications are required regarding the term “the cloud”. The cloud could refer to any number of technologies categorized under the umbrella of cloud computing. Cloud computing is pretty much any computing process that occurs in the cloud. There are a lot of different uses of cloud computing but the vast majority of people are referring to cloud storage when using the term “the cloud”. Storage is where all your data is saved, cloud storage is when your data is saved in the cloud. The term cloud storage is related to clouds in the sky. A cloud in the sky is made of millions of water droplets grouped together, but is seen as one cloud. Cloud storage is a group of storage devices connected to one another, using the internet or other network, which are treated as a single storage pool. That explanation may leave some scratching their heads so it’s best to cover some related concepts as well.

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Old Republic Update Challenges Traditional MMOs

The Change MMOs Needed?

The massively multiplayer online (MMO) game “Star Wars: The Old Republic” released the new expansion “Knights of the Fallen Empire” on Tuesday, Oct. 27th­. The expansion included a substantial, and mandatory, update for all players regardless of which expansions they have installed. The long list of small and large changes are being marketed as a “…return to our BioWare storytelling roots,” by BioWare Senior Producer Bruce Maclean. Much of the core elements of gameplay have been modified including how characters level up and progress through the game. These changes look to be made in hopes of attracting new players. Some players are already praising the modifications as a breathe of fresh air while others criticize them, claiming BioWare are destroying much of why players choose MMOs over single player games. The MMO landscape has changed drastically in recently years, a refreshing take on the traditional MMO may be welcome. However are the changes presented by BioWare what the genre needs or are they just alienating a dedicated audience.

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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Dan Loves Ocarina of Time For Different Reasons

Ocarina of Time box art N64

My favorite game of all time is Nintendo’s 1998 classic The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. This game tops a lot of people’s lists. I’ve heard time and time again that I didn’t put effort into picking it as my favorite game; that everyone loves that game. Sure I could talk about my love of King’s Quest or Team Fortress Classic, but it still wouldn’t change my answer. Nobody is debating that Ocarina of Time is a great game, that’s pretty well agreed upon. What makes Ocarina of Time my favorite game of all time wasn’t the great story and gameplay alone. What made it my favorite game is also because of what it was outside the game for me.

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The Eighth Generation of Game Consoles (Edited and Revised)

Which Game Console Will You Buy?

Editors Note: This article was originally written and published on the Play Nemesis Radio Blog November 16th, 2013. This article was edited, revised, and republished on Danopedia on October 16th, 2015

When I was younger my father once told me “Don’t believe the hype,” or was that Public Enemy? Either way the sentiment holds true. Every year we see all sorts of fancy new technological wonders and the marketing that comes along with them. I’ve heard some people describe the modern technology market as Huxleyan. In this case referencing parallels between the disposable attitudes we have towards many of our devices and the works of Aldous Huxley. Though, despite how we treat these technological wonders, they are still considered an investment by many people. This feeling of an investment can be greatly magnified when the device is question is a video game console.  Major video game consoles are only released a few times a decade and which is the best has become a source of heated debate. For decades companies have been fighting to make the latest and greatest video game console to beat out their competition, and 2013 is playing host to two particular power houses in the video game industry. With an unbelievable number of reviews, opinions, and ads across all types of media how can you really be sure which video game console is best suited for your needs?

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Comic Book Film Adaptations

Error Has Occurred Please Reboot

The literary giant Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was once quoted as saying “Everything has been thought of before, but the problem is to think of it again.”0 It is certain the 18th century writer had no idea just how true this idea would hold to the 21st century film industry; or for that fact what a motion picture is. The North American film industry generated a whopping $10.36 billion (USD)1 in box office sales in 2014. With such a large revenue stream it’s no wonder that film studios are looking to the past to determine which films will bring them the largest chunk of those sales. One of the most popular choices in the early 21st century has been adapting comic books into hugely successful big budget movies. There’s also an enormous number of existing comic books to choose as source material. However even with the immense number of comic books to choose from why is it that film studios choose to focus only on a handful of comic book series?

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Way of the Samurai 3

Dan Plays Games of Questionable Quality

Since I was young I considered myself to be on top of the video game industry on a level similar to Sauron’s gaze upon Mordor. So when I find a game that I’ve not heard of, it’s a bit surprising. Now when that game was, apparently, successful enough to warrant three sequels and it still escaped my all seeing eyes, now that’s impressive. This is the case with what is the incredibly confusing, Frodo Baggins of game franchises, Way of the Samurai 3.

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Metroid Other M

Dan’s Short Roll to Madnessmetroid other m cover

            Metroid Other M made me want to become an activist. This game ranks with Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball for worst the portrayals of women in gaming. I’d been on a Metroid kick and decided to pick up one of the few Metroid games I had not played. The Metroid series were some of my favorite games growing up and I still enjoy them today. Samus Aran, a power suit wielding bounty hunter performing jobs for the Galactic Federation. Do I really need to say anything else? These games played like a dream and have become a staple in gaming history. I have fond memories of firing my plasma beam at evil space pirates while rolling around in the morph ball. As a sugar fueled child there wasn’t much more I could ask for. Samus was one of my heroes; my nights were filled with dreams of having an awesome power suit just like her. I wanted to save the galaxy from the evil Mother Brain and fly away in my ship. I will always cherish my fond memories of the classic Metroid games. I’m glad it wasn’t until I was in my mid 20’s that everything that had been accomplished with the character of Samus Aran was thrown out the window. Team Ninja managed to accomplish this task with the skid mark on the underpants of the Metroid series that is Metroid Other M. Continue reading

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